Rhino 3D CAD CAM Software

Hotwire Direct CNC’s use Rhino3D CAD software for drawing and nesting 2 axis profiles in blocks of foam. Rhino3D is also a powerful 3D modeling package that can build complex designs from scratch using NURBS, Mesh, and SubD (New!) modeling. Internet downloaded 3D files easily import to cut, and raster (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF) images can be converted to vector curves for cutting and you can import 3D scanner files to cut easily from any real world object. Rhino3D CAD and our Hotwire Direct CAM Plugin empower you to do great things at work.

CNC Software

Hotwire Direct CNC software gives you a clean and organized workspace including a useful job estimation tool, barcode prints for each job to organize the daily workflow, a graphical view on the hand-held controller to verify the job at every step in the process, a Job Console with graphical and g-code live CNC motion, and foam cutting at lightning-quick speed.

Full Foam Shop Video

Hotwire Direct provides you with the full package foam shop from the most advanced hot wire cutting capabilities available, specialty baluster cutters, and coating equipment for creating consistent high quality finished products, all at lightning-quick speeds.

8300 CNC EPS Foam Cutting Video

The 8300 CNC EPS foam cutting machine has all the creative capabilities of the top of the line CNC machines, utilizing the turntable, lathe, bowl cutter and rigid wire attachments. It also has the same software and easy-to-use hand held control pendant. This is the only CNC machine of it’s kind that is both portable and capable. If you are concerned with getting the most for your investment, but don’t want to be stuck with: slow cut and rapid speeds, a flimsy built machine, or clunky control system. Then this machine will fit your needs and have you producing high quality designs from the first day you get it because, like our other CNC machines, it comes with on-site training.

Tapered Cut & Handheld Pendant

All our computer numerically controlled (CNC) expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam cutting machines come standard with independent axis wire control and the user-friendly hand held control pendant. This give the user 4-axis cutting control and on-the-fly adjustment capabilities. What 4-axis means is one end of the machine (X-Y axis) can be cutting a shape completely different than the other end of the machine (U-V axis) simultaneously. This gives the machine operator greater control over the details, and design flexibility to create amazing 3-D shapes.

Bar Code Scanner & Pendant

The hand held control pendant is designed for pulling up cut files from the computer while standing at the machine. It also is used for adjusting wire temperature and cutting speeds on-the-fly, moving the wire, programming cuts, changing material and measurement settings, and more.

Using the bar code scanner helps eliminate production errors on the shop floor. Internal communication is enhanced because the CAD drawings can be printed and sent to the production area as needed, while the production department only needs to scan and start the job. The print outs allow you to have a binder with common shapes near the machine from which you can visually pull up the cut you need. Along with a drawing, the print out includes dimensions of the foam blank you will need to get the shape, so finding the right sized piece of foam for the job is easy. The bar code scanner comes standard with all the CNC machines except on the 8300. It is an available option for the 8300 CNC.

Foam Shaper

The 3000 Automated EPS Foam Shaper machine is your arch and base cutter and a whole lot more. This machine carves unique profiles on column capitals and bases. It also carves profiles on arches, ovals, and ‘S’-shaped curves. Large and small profiles come alive in a high productivity system with the 3000 Automated Foam Shaper. Along with your hot wire CNC, the 3000 Automated Foam Shaper is a creative necessity!

Decorative Concrete

This video/slide show looks at bath tubs, and a baptismal water fountain which were cast into foam molds cut on our CNC hot wire cutters.

Concrete Baluster

This video shows mold preparation techniques while pushing the limits of creative architectural baluster design with EPS foam molds made on the Hotwire Direct CNC and 3000 Automated EPS Foam Shaper machine. A must watch for those who want to use foam for mold making in the architectural cast stone, and GFRC industries.

Portable Hot Wire Miter Cutting

The 5460 Miter Cut cleanly cuts expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS, Styrofoam™, Styropor™) foam. Using the miter gauge on the table with the harp angle, compound miters can be cut. Parts are accurately and consistently trimmed to length with the ultra-accurate heavy duty fence system. The Miter Cut makes trim moldings line up in the shop or out on the job-site environment.

Hot Knife Foam Sculpting

This video shows carving and finishing techniques for use with EPS foam sculptures, and creative sign making.

ICF Hot Knife for Utility Cutouts

This video shows the Belt Pack Hot Knife cutting electrical outlet box openings in and ICF Foam wall.