Helios House

Helios House

A Masterpiece of Sustainable Design

Helios House is a gas station and a work of art that redefines what a gas station can be. Located on 8770 W Olympic Blvd in Los Angeles, this project melds bold design, inventive fabrication, and sustainable building practices to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind structure.

Designed by NADAAA, an award-winning architecture firm based in Boston, the key goal of Helios House was to upgrade the original station in an environmentally conscious manner by upcycling, recycling old materials, and installing new materials that are sustainable and recyclable.


The water heat energy lighting and material systems of the station were all built to maximize sustainability and energy efficiencies. For example, the station features 90 solar panels covering the canopy's roof, which can provide approximately 15000 kWh of energy to the station, enough to power two to three typical American homes for a year. Moreover, energy-efficient lights and sensors are located throughout the station. The station's green roof of native plants, on-site water collection system, and the use of 100 recycled glass aggregate in the concrete mixture further showcase the project's commitment to sustainability.

However, the highlight of the project is its award-winning canopy design, which features functional elements integrated into a seamless whole to create a signature building - the pay kiosk, the structure, the fin panels as signs, and the canopy all share the same faceted surface. The canopy structure was created through a unique fabrication process involving hot wire cutting, a technique that uses a heated wire tool to cut and shape materials with precision and minimal waste.

The result of this project is a masterpiece of sustainable design that serves as a landmark in the urban car-oriented culture of Los Angeles. Helios House is a testament to the power of innovative thinking, creativity and environmental consciousness in shaping a better future for our planet.