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Styropoxy™ is an epoxy hard coat specially designed for hot wire cut expanded polystyrene foam, and it is proudly made in the USA.

Styropoxy™ is designed to be used on foam molds for precast concrete and GFRC applications. It can also be used over foam ‘positive’ designs to protect the polystyrene, and give it a smoother surface on which a rubber or fiberglass mold can be created.

Styropoxy™ is specifically designed to work well on hot wire cut expanded polystyrene foam. It can also be used on wood and metal surfaces.

Styropoxy™ (7015, 7060) is a two-part system with a 5:1 resin to hardener mix ratio. It comes in pre-measured kits of 1 Quart sampler, 1 Gallon, and 4 Gallons. Larger volumes can also be made upon request. Styropoxy™ has two working time options, either 15 or 60 minute working time once mixed.

Styropoxy™ hard coat epoxy (A-Resin and B-Hardener)
Styropoxy™ hard coat epoxy (A-Resin and B-Hardener)

Styropoxy™ Features (7015, 7060)

✓ Lays Smooth
Concrete cast in Styropoxy™ coated EPS foam needs less sanding and surface work

✓ Dries Hard
Doubles the life of the foam shapes in concrete casting applications

✓ Thixotropic
Thicker consistency means epoxy sticks better on vertical surfaces

✓ Bright Blue Color
Visually detect thickness and coverage

✓ Protects EPS foam
Allows you to use polyester resins, auto body filler, and other solvent-based materials on foam shapes

✓ Variable Working Times
60 minute and 15 minute quick cure for either long working time, or same-day sanding & turnaround of custom cast products

Styropoxy™ Application Rules of Thumb:

  • 1 gallon covers 120 square feet with one coat, or 60 square feet with two coats
  • Changing the 5:1 mix ratio will not speed up or slow down the cure time
  • Thicker coats dry faster, thinner coats dry slower – just the opposite from paint
  • Temperature is important in curing epoxies, for best results use at 75F (24C) degrees
  • Acceptable temperature range is between 60F (15C) and 90F (32C)
  • For 60F expect about double the time to cure, for 90F expect about half time to cure
  • If you need to use the material in cooler or hotter conditions try keeping the material stored in a heated/cooled space as close to 75F for at least 8 hours before use

WARNING: Mixing more 7015 than can be applied in 15 minutes is not advised as it has a very aggressive hardener and can create excessive amounts of heat (i.e. smoke) if left in a container too long.

Clean up: (in order of least to most effective) warm soapy water, Isopropyl Alcohol, or Acetone.

Styropoxy™ Coating Video

This video shows mold preparation techniques while pushing the limits of creative architectural baluster design with EPS foam molds made on the Hotwire Direct CNC and 3000 Automated EPS Foam Shaper machine. A must watch for those who want to use foam for mold making in the architectural cast stone, and GFRC industries.

Styropoxy™ Coating Examples