7300 Architectural Foam Coating


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7300 Direct Coat

Direct Coat Advantages

Beautify any project with coated foam architectural details. Foam trim will increase the value and curb appeal of your projects. It can be installed over synthetic or traditional stucco, concrete and masonry construction.

Pre-coated foam trim can be a surprisingly durable product and offers considerable cost savings over an un-coated foam part due to the decrease of skilled labor needed on the job site.

  • The 7300 Direct Coat is capable of continuous production with speeds up to 24 feet per minute and offers many unique features to aid in setup and cleanup
  • Stainless screeds can be ordered to match any custom design
  • Elegant architectural details will set your projects apart

Direct Coat in Action

Example Coated Foam Trim

Direct Coat Features

  • Durable: Three fixed width mud box frames made of stainless steel for long life.
  • Flexible: Four interchangeable poly box sides of various heights to match any shape imaginable.
  • Simple: Mud boxes are easily installed on and removed from machine as a unit to keep down time to a minimum and speed cleanup.
  • Refillable: Small and medium stainless steel hoppers work with adjustable height bucket holder to hold 5 gallon mix buckets for easy loading of coating material.
  • Organized: Two large metal drawers with full extension heavy duty drawer slides for storing all components of machine.
  • Rugged: Twelve fully adjustable pressure rollers are weighted to give the perfect amount of weight for the necessary traction on the rough top industrial heavy duty drive belt to convey the foam through the coating process.
  • Powerful: Variable speed dc driven ½ hp motor / gearbox has more than enough power for even the largest jobs.
  • Accurate: The conveyors have vertical height adjustments along with the 3” diameter levelers on the coating machine itself.

Parts Included

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