8300 CNC Contour Cutter

8300 CNC Contour Cutter

Cutting foam in a limited space? Trying to stretch your budget, but don’t want to compromise on quality? Need a feature-rich expanded polystyrene (EPS) CNC foam cutting machine that is portable? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the 8300 CNC is the right machine for you. This CNC foam cutter will produce amazing results for use in 3-D sign making, architectural foam, decorative precast concrete mold and model making, theming, set design, industrial prototyping, and more.


The Hotwire Direct 8300 Computer Numerical Controlled machine is built from high-quality electrical and mechanical components for years of trouble-free operation. The 8300 CNC was designed from the ground up to ensure:
  • quality of cut
  • flexibility
  • creativity
  • high cut speeds
  • ease of use

The 8300 CNC offers the latest technology without breaking your budget.

Quality Dell computer and CAD/CAM software

Two days of training at your location

Independent Axis
Cut tapered columns and cones, etc.

High Speed
Cutting at 55″/min (140 cm/min) and rapid moves at 1,200″/min (3048 cm/min)

Hand Held Control Pendant
Our controller is leading the industry in functionality and ease of use

2 cutting wires
Two 8′-4″ (254 cm) long wires double production output

Adjustable wire length
Wire lengths between 2′ (61 cm) and 16′-4″ (498 cm) long


Bar Code Job Scanner
Designed to eliminate costly production errors and time spent searching through files
For accurate turned foam cutting work
Makes turned columns, belly columns, rope-twist columns, and other tall turned items
Bowl Cutter
For making bowls, planters, balusters, domed ceiling inserts and other turned items
Rigid Wire Attachment
For special turned pieces like the rope-twist columns

CNC Foam Cutting in Action

You can enjoy the benefits of the 8300 CNC with a low monthly payment. Click here for more information and a finance application.

Additional information

Weight 1200 lbs
Dimensions 125 × 30 × 28 in
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