3000 Hotwire Foam Shaper

3000 Hotwire Foam Shaper


3000 with Carved Arches, Caps and Bases

The 3000 Automated Foam Shaper cuts column caps and bases, standard arches, and it is truly a unique machine because of its ability to also carve irregular curves. Planters, bowls and ‘S’-shaped curves can be made on this machine. The Automated Foam Shaper is a high output production machine. Architectural foam shaping in 3-D has never been easier, or more complete.

New Foam Shaper Features

Using precut foam blanks the 3000 Shaper carves profiles in turned or arced shapes

  • Easy height adjustments with hand crank and measurement guide
  • Larger tabletop gives better support
  • On board storage of pre-shaped wires to keep you organized
  • On board storage of tools to make setup faster
  • Power supply with 38% more power
  • Quickly cuts Column caps and bases
  • Tall arced profiles such as balcony surrounds or fountain pool coping up to 32″ tall
  • Cuts arches up to 22″ wide at any radius
  • Smoother wire tracking on ellipses and ‘S’ curves

Foam Shaper Specifications

  • Includes 8004 50′ (15m) Rigid Shaping Wire
  • Includes Rigid Wire Bending Tool
  • Can also be used with HW-SBMR24 blade material for profiles longer than 24″(61cm)
  • 22″(56cm) deep by 32″(81cm) tall capacity
  • Can be ordered for 115v or 230v electric

See the Foam Shaper in Action

New Shaper Features

Easy Height Adjustment

Wire and Job Organizer

On board Tool Storage

Window Trim

Cutting the arch profile

Moorish Arches installed and finished

Example Foam Shapes


“S” Curved Moorish Arch


Column Cap and Base High Output Technique

Start with a square foam core (cut out of cap/base where structural beam would be).

Position each half on the square core and run through the hot wire. As the first one is going through the wire, place another half behind it ready to complete the cycle, and repeat this process.

Finished cut caps and bases are ready for the next step.
hot wire foam shaper
3000 Shaper shown setup to cut 21″ tall fountain pool coping

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Additional information

Weight 545 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 49 × 56 in
HW Case Study Primary Image 5

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