8700 CNC Contour Cutter

8700 CNC Contour Cutter

Hotwire Direct™ offers well-designed and easy-to-use CNC foam cutting machines. In little time you can be designing and producing parts in the quantity you need when you need them. Our CNC machines increase your productivity and design capability allowing you to expand into larger projects and new markets.


Machine Specifications

Cutting Capacity
106″ x 51″ x 105″ (269cm x 130cm x 266cm). Wire is 105″ long. Other sizes available.

0.001″ (0.025mm)

±.002″/foot (0.0167mm/m)

Drive Motors
Four 160 ounce/inch (1.8kg/cm) AC servos, 4000 counts per revolution encoders

Drive System
X & Y axis timing belt drives, precision sealed bearings ride on hardened ground rods

Max. Cutting Speed
55″ (140cm) per minute

Max. Rapid Speed
1500″ (3,810cm) per minute

Cutting Wire
Up to 6 – .014 (.355mm) wires

Power Required
240v single phase 50-60hz, 20 Amp

1 year on all electrical components, 3 years on all mechanical components

Tech Support
Unlimited support at no charge

CNC Production Example

Prep & Production Time for 72, 8′ Pieces (576′)

Draw: 8 min
Nesting: 20 min
Coding: 1 min
Multiwire Setup (6 wires): 1 min
Cutting: 14 min
Total First Run: 44 min
Total Second Run: 14 min


Picture below shows 4 blocks or 64′ of a concrete bridge’s form liner that was cut in approx. 38 minutes.

Options And Specifications

Dimensional Cutting and Wire Capacity

Attachments for Extending Creativity

You can enjoy the benefits of the 8700 CNC with a low monthly payment. Click here for more information and a finance application.

Additional information

Weight 1300 lbs
Dimensions 128 × 154 × 126 in
HW Case Study Primary Image 5

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